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Response to PD Article and Editorial

Dear all –

Thanks to you for the excellent article and editorial that begins to address the county’s problems with balancing water supply and demands.

Still not answered, however, is the important question of how the Water Agency squares its position on water supply assumptions of the UWMP with the directly contradicting assumptions used in preparing the county’s General Plan and DEIR.

This has led, on the one hand, the Supervisors and Sonoma County Planning Dept and GP consultants to the conclusion that we do not have enough assured water supplies for the next 20 years growth, while, wearing their other hats, the Sonoma County Water Agency Directors and SCWA staff and consultants blandly reassure all the cities that there are enough assured water supplies for the next 20 years, given some voluntary, untargeted and unmandated Best Management Practices by contractors to make up the differences.

So- where is the urgent request from the PD Editors for SCWA and SoCo. Planning staffs to clear up this conundrum? Of course, their responses should be presented in public, and with supporting documentation.

This is especially important because the conclusions of the SCWA UWMP becomes the (non-CEQA reviewed) assumptions for all the cities growth and development plans, including new city General Plans.

It’s also remarkable that, as Bleys Rose reported, “This is the first time we have really tried to look at the water-use picture that includes conservation, recycled water, Russian River water and ground water,” said Jay Jasperse, the water agency’s deputy chief engineer.”

What were they doing in previous water supply assumptions?

Paper water, indeed!

Best wishes,


David Keller
Bay Area Director, Friends of the Eel River