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Regarding Water Supply from Lake Sonoma


Another issue, as Terry reminds us, is the siltation rate — how fast is the reservoir silting in?? And what is the rate of evaporation (going up with average temperatures).

Regarding the Water Supply Update from the City that said we have enough water to support continuing development, meaning, I guess Lake Sonoma. Is this a true statement? I would not say that it is an unequivically true statement.

Yes ! There is some supply available from Lake Sonoma.

In the end it all depends on:

How litigation turns out with the Legal challenge to SCWA’s UWMP.

Condition of groundwater levels-and related impacts. ( the City is doing a
lot of pumping)

If it ever rains again. (Just got back from Avila Beach – it was 116 in the
shade – next day it cooled down to 106).

Other Factors like:

Ability to handle wastewater load

Ability to develop functional Stormwater Runoff plan