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Urgent Action on EPA Stormwater-Send by Monday, May 16

Dear Partners for Clean Water,

As partners in a statewide effort to secure protections for polluted waterways, we ask for your help in letting U.S. EPA know that Californians support strong federal leadership on reducing storm water pollution and restoring the health of polluted lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and coastal waters. In November 2010, EPA issued a memo (attached) that provided good guidance on establishing numeric effluent limits in permits, and other ways to improve storm water and TMDL programs.  But now EPA is backing away from the memo in response to pressure from industry, and is seeking comments on whether to withdraw or weaken the memo.  EPA’s call for comments is also an attempt to gauge support for a federal storm water rule, which is currently in progress.  You and your organization can help in three ways before the comment deadline this Monday, May 16:

1) Fill out and submit our action alert. Circulate it far and wide to your colleagues and link to it on your Facebook page:http://www.cacoastkeeper.org/take-action/speak-out/9.

2) Sign-on to the attached group letter to EPA, asking them not to weaken or withdraw the November 2010 Memo. Please send logos, name, title, and organization name to sara@cacoastkeeper.org by Friday, May 16 at 10am.

3) Adapt our action alert or letter and send an individual letter to EPA on your organizational letterhead. The more letters the better!

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Thank you!