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Wine Industry Impacts: Wine and Water Watch (WWW)

I began sending out my article on the founding of the Wine and Water Watch (WWW) group yesterday. It has already been published in at least the following places, which include India and Virginia. It will likely be published elsewhere in the next few days. If you google the words “wine and water watch” with my name in the coming days, you should be able to get additional links, including some of the local publications to which I have sent a shorter version.

My appreciations to those who provided critical feedback on how to improve it. I hope that some of you may make comments at those places which allow them, or at least click on “like.” That way, more articles on Big Wine will be published by those places. New Press/Nueva Prensa will soon be publishing a shorter version in both English and Spanish.
Wine & Water Watch Challenges Invasive Wine Empire, Waccobb.net, allows comments.

Wine and Water Watch challenges Northern California wine empire, Augusta Free Press Activists objecting to the over-growth of the wine/hospitality industry in rural … they agreed to name themselves Wine and Water Watch (WWW). (Virginia)

http://www.countercurrents.org/bliss220815.htm (India)

Wine and Water Watch (WWW) Challenges Northern California’s …smirkingchimp.com/…/shepherd-bliss/…/wine-and-water-watch-www- challenges-northern-california-s-invasive-wine-empire‎The group has studied the wine industry and criticized its …. About author Dr. Shepherd Bliss (3sb@comcast.net) teaches college, farms, and …

Wine and Water Watch (WWW) Challenges Northern California’s …dissidentvoice.org/…/wine-and-water-watch-www-challenges-northern- californias-invasive-wine-empire/‎ by Shepherd Bliss / August 22nd, 2015 … County, one of the wine industry’s epicenters, they agreed to name themselves Wine and Water Watch (WWW)