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Suggestions for Citizen Watch Alerts

If you see pollution in waterways or in any situation where waters can get polluted, there are things you can do to help us enforce laws that may relate to the incident.  As a citizen’s group we can only enforce laws that have a citizen’s provision.

For example, there is the Endangered Species Act for violations to impact certain types of salmon, freshwater shrimp, and salamanders like the California Tiger Salamander. There is also the Clean Water Act where it is a violation for stormwater or other types of water with pollutants to wash or seep into streams or bays.

If you observe something that might trigger a citizen provision, it is helpful to take photos and give an exact location of the activity.  If not sure, you may contact us with your observations and we will assess the situation. If appropriate, we will investigate.

Thank you for all you Citizen Watch activists out there.

Happy Holidays!

California River Watch staff