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Comment on SCWA’s Water Plan

Wow you gotta love it that after 50+ years as a major metropolitan supplier
of water that “This is the first time we have really tried to look at the
water-use picture that includes conservation, recycled water, Russian River
water and ground water,” said Jay Jasperse, the water agency’s deputy
chief engineer.

Also, how many people does SCWA really supply through contracts? 500,000 or
is it 600,000 – I mean really which is it? In the papers these numbers for
the past almost decade seem to me to have been interchangeably used. Often,
if the reporter or SCWA wants to look important it is 600,000. If it has to
do with downplaying issues like wastewater discharge or… It seems to be
500,000? What up with that? How any people are actually being served by