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THIS JUST IN: Article 1 of the Wetlands and Watersheds Article Series Wetlands and Watersheds Article 1: “Direct and Indirect Impacts of Urbaization on Wetland Quality” reviews the current state of wetland science as it pertains to impacts from urbanization and explores the potential management implications for local natural resource managers and land use planners. More than 100 studies reviewed for this article discuss direct and indirect impacts of land development on wetlands and the key role wetlands play in watershed quality. An article summarizing this report was featured in the January/February 2007 issue of the National Wetlands Newsletter published by Environmental Law Institute (ELI).

Be sure to check out ELI on the web (http://www.eli.org) and the Center’s wetlands and watersheds website (http://www.cwp.org/wetlands/index.htm) for more information on wetlands management and the articles mentioned here.

Center Publication Offerings For 2007, there are many exciting new changes to our publications catalog! Many publications are now available for free download, some items now have a file download version, and a few items are being offered that haven’t been made available for individual sale in several years.

Among these is Impacts of Impervious Cover on Aquatic Systems, which is available in print for the first time since its original release in 2003. This book is a comprehensive exploration of more than 225 multi-disciplinary studies documenting the hydrological, physical, water quality, and biological impacts of urbanization and its accompanying impervious cover. Covering many different eco-regions, climatic zones and stream types and with more than 100 graphics and tables, this 150-page report represents the Center’s most thorough examination of imperviousness to date. To order: http://www.cwp.org/PublicationStore/TechResearch.ht