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SCWA Trying to Reduce Flows is Russian River

River Folks,

Here we have the water agency asking once again to reduce flows in the RR
to bank water for fall chinook migration but without FIRST requiring
mandatory water conservation and not being able to show significant water
savings over last two years since last “crisis”.
Also trying to push this through under CEQA exemption???

10am Tuesday at Board of Supes- see you there!


20. Temporary Urgency Change Petition
Resolution authorizing the General Manager/Chief Engineer and counsel to
file a Petition for Temporary Urgency Change in the Agency’s water right
permits with the State Water Resources Control Board to request lower
minimum flows in the Russian River and Dry Creek, following receipt of
letters from the California Department of Fish and Game and the National
Marine Fisheries Service supporting the petition; authorizing the General
Manager/Chief Engineer to take related actions to maintain fall storage in
Lake Mendocino; and authorizing the General Manager/Chief Engineer to file
a Notice of Exemption under CEQA