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Just an idea


Everybody knows that in a mountain environment snow is the secret to a stable and prolonged water supply. Think about what we are learning about the importance of the snow pack in the Sierras, snowfall on glaciers and simply snow in general – it provides the secret to a “time released” supply of water that is absorbed into the ground. It is not like rain water that runs down the hills, down the streets and storm drains and into the lake. Snow stays in place and slowly, naturally and effectively makes its way into the ground.

It will sound like sour grapes but perhaps a better use for the $5 million spent on the artificial recharge project could have been better spent on snow making equipment. Perhaps we can learn from that mistake and invest funds on a system we know will work. We have wells that produce water that needs filtering. Fine. Make snow with that water and let the Mother Earth do her job naturally.

Lets work smart – not hard to solve our problem. Artificial Water Recharge is an unproven science with inherent potential problems. NATURAL Water Recharge has been going on for billions of years since the first drop of water fell on the earth. That process has worked pretty good so far.

Remember, it’s not nice to try and fool Mother Nature but perhaps she would welcome her own natural water and be able to process it naturally the way it was meant to be done. Seem too simple? The best things usually are.


Dan Fowlks – Fawnskin