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Lake Mendocino Approaching record-low water Levels

Associated Press – November 21, 2007 9:04 AM ET UKIAH, Calif. (AP) – People who get their water from Lake Mendocino are facing severe restrictions on water use if it doesn’t rain soon.

The man-made reservoir is a primary source of water for local water districts from Redwood Valley to Healdsburg.

Officials say the lake is at 1 of its lowest levels since it was built in 1959. On Tuesday, the lake’s level was measured at just over 712 feet above sea level. The record low of just under 689 feet was set in 1977, after two years of the worst drought of the 20th century.

The chairman of the Redwood Valley Water District says the area needs some heavy rain within the next six weeks.

If that doesn’t happen, he says, the district plans to impose a 75% cutback in available water for domestic consumption.

Information from: The Press Democrat