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Workshop Feedback on Instream Flows

SWRCB Technical Workshop on Draft Policy for Maintaining Instream Flows for Northern California Coastal Streams
Feb. 6, 2008

The meeting in Santa Rosa was fully packed (exceeding the meeting room safety limitations), primarily with ranchers and grape growers protesting issuance of new policies for setting and maintaining minimum instream flows and other impacts to their ability to get and keep water permits.

More environmentalists, watershed and fisheries advocates must attend these meetings and provide comments, so that the SWRCB Board members and staff can see support for working on what they can in this complex field, and receive suggestions and feedback to make their policies more successful.

The presentation pdf is at http://www.waterrights.ca.gov/docs/instreamflow/techstaff_workshop020608.pdf
Details of the proposals are at: http://www.waterrights.ca.gov/HTML/instreamflow_nccs.html

Thank you.

David Keller