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Hearing for Syar’s Application for Instream Mining Extension

Attend the hearing for Syar’s attempt to extend the ARM plan permit for instream mining in the Russian River

When: Thursday, April 3, at 1 pm

Where: PRMD Hearing Room, 2550 Ventura Ave. in Santa Rosa

If Sonoma County intends to extend the ARM Plan for terrace mining on the Russian River (This plan was approved for a limited period of time based on a historic EIR – where circumstances and science have changed), Interested Parties should inform the County that this is a project, that the old EIR is out of date and a Supplementary EIR is mandated – under CEQA.

Appurtenant to the Supplementary EIR, responsible agency participation should take place – Including:
Biologic Opinion from the ACE and NMFS

DFG environmental assessment and mitigations – 1600 permitting

Regional Board participation.

Alan Levine Coast Action Group