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FINALLY!  Looks like a small group of motivated citizens can still make a difference!

FLOW UPDATE–June 2, 2008


Felton prevails in six-year fight to acquire water system from Cal-Am
and German multinational corporation RWE.

+ Cal-Am and San Lorenzo Valley Water District announced a
purchase agreement on Friday, May 30. There will be no jury trial
(which had been scheduled to start Monday, June 2). The SLVWD will
pay $10.5 million for the Felton water system, which includes 250
acres of watershed land.

+ This is a phenomenal achievement, and should give hope to
the numerous other communities throughout the country that want to
get their water systems out from multinational corporations and back
into local control.

+ On Thursday, June 5, 7:30 p.m. at the Senior Center in Ben
Lomond, the SLV Water District Board of Directors will hold a public
meeting. Main item on the agenda is discussion and approval of the
settlement agreement with Cal-Am. We would like to have a large
showing of support and gratitude for the board, Betsy Herbert, and
staff. Flow will offer its help during the transition.

Visit Flow’s website to read details of the Felton water agreement,
and also to get details of the big community celebration, which is
being planned. Website: http//feltonflow.org.

Thank you,

Felton FLOW
email: info@feltonflow.org