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Action: Un-dam the Klamath!

Tell the Oregon Public Utilities Commission – Un-Dam the Klamath for Ratepayer Savings!
Contact the Oregon PUC with talking points from the sample letter below:

Public Utility Commission of Oregon
550 Capitol St NE #215
PO Box 2148
Salem OR 97308-2148

Sample letter:
“Relicensing Pacific Power’s Klamath Hydroelectric project could cost ratepayers a lot of money. Both the California Energy Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission compared the cost of a relicensed project to the cost of removing the dams and replacing the power. they found that removing the dams and buying replacement power would save ratepayers $100 million dollars!
Please take a stand for ratepayers! We have a chance to save money and restore one of America’s most important salmon rivers.
If PacifiCorp insists on spending the $400-$500 million to bring these antiquated dams into compliance with modern environmental standards, ratepayers should NOT have to pay for it since there is a cheaper and more responsible alternative – dam removal.”