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Water Quality Fact Sheets on 303 (d) Listing and Delisting of Streams

Below is a link to a new revised fact sheets for proposed 303 (d) listing and delisting. Please review the fact sheet to determine if the Regional Board has it right on the waterbody of your concern. You can read the fact sheet detail at the RB web-site – noted below.


As you can see the de-list recommendations are limited – where do not de-list are extensive.  If you have questions the RB staff can help you. There does not seem to be a serious challenge to maintenance of the previous listings. However, there are some changes.  Again – if you are concerned about your waterbody – call.

Regional Board 1 – North Coast Region

  • New or Revised Fact SheetsThese lines of evidence and/or decisions, which were developed during the last listing cycle, are new or have been revised. 
  • Original Fact SheetsThese lines of evidence and/or decisions were developed during the last listing cycle.

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