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Hearing Appeal against Cornell Winery on Mark West Creek, May 20

The following are documented data on the significant adverse impacts of the Cornell Winery as they piece-mealed in a vineyard operation and infrastructure to a winery in a water scarce narrow canyon to one was, just a few years ago, Sonoma County’s best salmonid fishery.

At the Doerksen home located at 7125 St. Helena Road, CEMAR (Matt Deitch) in conjunction with Sotoyome RCD, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife placed a gauge in Mark West Creek in late 2010 that is real time and can be accessed online.

I have attached 2 pages as samples.  Late 2010 appears to show a low summertime flow (approximate) as follows:
2010                .50 cfs.     Rainfall at this location (2009/2010) = 65.3” 2011 (low flow)            .41 cfs.        “        “     (2010/2011)     = 71.67” 2012 (even lower)        .12 cfs.        “        “     (2012/2013)     = 45.3” 2013 (lower ever)        .07 cfs.        “        “

The drop in flows over the last 5 years are dramatic and very noticeable to all who live on the creek or who are associated with the creek, e.g. LandPaths.  The reaches above us and below were affected earlier and more severely as they do not have the springs our forest produces.  These springs ran “full blast” last summer even though it was a severe drought year.  My pond also was at it’s highest level ever, all because of all the trees we have planted (over 1 million).  You read that right.

Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game showed a very consistent 2 cfs. of low summertime flows over a period of approximately 100 years.  A drop in flow from .5 cfs to .07 cfs (in other words a flow reduction of .43 cfs in 4 years or a 86% reduction) is “TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE”.

The readings at the gauge at Mark West Creek, below Neal Creek from August 6, 2012 to Sept. 3, 2012 shows it to be .01 cfs. or simply dry.  This is in front of Cornell’s driveway.  Apparently, PRMD, and Cornell’s engineers are totally unaware of this as they keep mentioning they will not take water they have rights to use.  What water???