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The Groundwater Resource Hub

To All,

The Nature Conservancy is pleased to announce the launch of the Groundwater Resource Hub, the go-to resource on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems.
Please visit https://groundwaterresourcehub.org/ for information on GDEs and for tools that can help you save time and money as you develop Groundwater Sustainability Plans. This website features:

• The best available science in a straightforward format

• Interactive animations that tell the story of GDEs and their relationship to groundwater

• A step-by-step guidance document to efficiently identify and consider GDEs under SGMA

• Identification of all SGMA provisions related to GDEs

• Case studies providing real-world examples of processes, tools and techniques related to GDEs and sustainable groundwater management

• A library of links to additional papers, articles and reference materials related to GDEs and sustainable groundwater management

In the next few weeks, the Hub will be updated with:

A statewide mapping tool to identify vegetative indicators of GDEs in your local area. The Hub currently provides a sample map from Ventura County
A rooting depth database for common groundwater dependent plants to help identify thresholds necessary to sustain GDEs.

For more information, contact:
Gregg Werner
(530) 941-4877