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Guide to CA Water Rights for Small Water Users

Issues with and confusion about water rights & wrongs in California is something that often comes up in much of the in stream restoration work we do, whether in montane meadows, salmonid streams or riparian rangelands, thus I thought some of you would find this new Guide to CA Water Rights for Small Water Users written by TU’s amazing Mary Ann King & Matt Clifford to be well worth your time.

Mostly Water Rites,

I’m attaching a new Guide to CA Water Rights for Small Water Users that Matt Clifford and I wrote with assistance from the State Water Board and The Nature Conservancy. It’s intended to provide an introductory overview of water rights, with an emphasis on the issues likely to be encountered by smaller-scale water users (e.g., farmers and residents on coastal streams). We did our best to write it in plain English, and to explain what kinds of water rights a landowner may already have, what those rights allow them to do, what kind of additional water rights are available, and how to get them. We’re pretty pleased with how it came out, and hope it can help de-mystify a complex subject.

Please feel free to distribute it far and wide.

Here’s a blog post on the guide too: https://www.tu.org/blog/new-water-rights-guide-helps-california-landowners-streams/

All my best,

Mary Ann